Sandbanks Jetski Company

Terms and Conditions


A booking is not a booking until Sandbanks Jetski Company Ltd have received the deposit for the booking and confirmed the booking with written confirmation. Until a booking has been confirmed by Sandbanks Jetski Company all bookings are regarded as provisional bookings. The remaining balance for the booking is due upon arrival on the booking date unless prior written agreement with Sandbanks Jetski Company.

Cancelations, refunds and changes to your booking:

You have up till 24hrs before your booking time to contact us and Inform us of your cancellation to receive a full refund of your deposit.

Any cancellation after 24 hrs before your booking you will lose your deposit.

No shows will lose their deposit

Group bookings – we appreciate organising group bookings is a nightmare for the person in charge, turning up on the day with less numbers than you’re booked for with no prior communication will result in you being charged for your confirmed remaining balance. You have up till 24hrs before your booking time to change/modify your booking.

If we cancel for any reason you will receive 100% of your deposit back.

WE STILL OPERATE IN RAIN, OVERCAST CLOUDY CONDITIONS, WINDY DAYS, CHOPPY WATERS. We provide all the necessary kit and training for all conditions we operate in. Just because you do not like the weather does not mean we feel the same.

We will contact you with plenty of notice if conditions are unsafe to operate.

Tours and training Conditions:

All of our Jetski Tours and PWC training courses are staffed by qualified RYA Instructors, Instructor/client ratios are in accordance with RYA regulations and guidelines. While every reasonable effort is made to deliver tours or training as sold, Sandbanks Jetski Company reserves the right to modify or cancel any session due to safety requirements or factors beyond our control.


Sandbanks Jetski Company ltd have full public liability insurance for the business, we do operate high powered watercraft and injuries can happen, we advise you to take out personal accident insurance before your experience. Personal items are not covered for loss or breakages.


All parties will read and sign an indemnity agreement/waiver form before partaking in any activity Sandbanks Jetski Company operate, stating they are fully aware and understand the dangers involved in the activity and fully understand the T’s & C’s on both this website and the activity waiver form and will adhere to them all. Sandbanks Jetski Company ltd will not proceed with any activity unless all participants have validly completed the waiver form.

Other than where such loss may not be executed by law, Sandbanks Jetski Company hereby excludes any liability of any kind whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise to any client/participant and their guests, affiliates or any third parties and in particular in respect of death, personal injury,damage, expence or loss of any nature whatsoever whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, or otherwise, sustained by any client/participant or third party arising from the client/participants use of any equipment or receipt of any other services from Sandbanks Jetski Company. For the avoidance of doubt Sandbanks Jetski Company shall be in no way liable to any client, participsnt, guest or other third party as a result of the provision of the equipment or other services unless unable to exclude liability by law.
Clients should be aware that the hiring of leisure equipment and participating in Sandbanks Jetski Company leisure activities comes with inherent risks, not all of which can be avoided.Participation in any activity utilising equipment or otherwise provided by Sandbanks Jetski Company is at the participants own risk and that of each participating individual.

Health and Safety:

Sandbanks jetski company age requirements for partaking in tours are governed by our insurance, you must be 18 years drive a jetski on your own, you can be 14 and over to drive a jetski with someone over the age of 18 on the ski with you, we use the age of 10 as a benchmark for child passengers to be tall enough and strong enough while being a passenger.

For RYA training we can train from the age of 12, until over the age of 18 we require written confirmation from a parent or legal guardian.

All participants of any of our activities must be able to swim and be physically fit.

There is a full list of medical conditions on our confirmation email that may make our activities unsuitable for participants, any participant with a medical condition they feel may impact there safety or others safety whilst participating in any of our activities is to make themselves aware to a Sandbanks Jetski Company staff member prior to arrival or on arrival to discuss options. All participants will be required to record their condition on the waiver form and sign to say they are happy and safe to partake.

If a participant has what is known as a disability contact Sandbanks Jetski Company to discuss options.

Sandbanks Jetski Company Ltd reserves the right to at any time refuse any client who in its opinion fails to meet their health and safety criteria without refunds of deposits or final balances.

Pricing and Payment:

Sandbanks Jetski Company reserves the right to regularly review and amend our pricing across all of our advertising outlets.

Sandbanks Jetski Company current methods of payment are Card machines, secure payment links, phones, watches, bank transfers and cash, we reserve the right to amend our methods of payment at any stage.

All Written quotations given to prospective clients shall be valid for 30 days from the date of initial enquiry.

A £50 deposit per ski will be taken for tours and training with the remaining balance settled on arrival. Booking confirmation will not be sent out till the deposit has been received.


All of our equipment including Jetskis are maintained to the highest level by qualified engineers and professional experts in accordance with manufacturers and RYA guidelines and recommendations.

In the unlikely event of a mechanical breakdown Sandbanks Jetski Company shall take all reasonable steps to enable the completion of the activity, Sandbanks Jetski Company shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage the participant may suffer as a result of such breakdown and any refunds given are at Sandbanks jetski company’s discretion.


Sandbanks jetski Company Ltd define the contract between the company and the client/participant as a booking. After reading understanding and accepting these terms and conditions and the client/participant paying a deposit creates the contract.

In the event the client breaches this contract Sandbanks Jetski Company Ltd shall be entitled without prejudice to any other rights or remedies which it may have to terminate the activity without notice and to make reasonable charge for time spent.
No rights of Sandbanks Jetski Company Ltd shall be waived except in writing by a duly authorised representative of the company.
No rights granted to any client/participant may be assigned to any other person except with prior written consent of the company.
No amendments to these terms and conditions and the provisions of any booking shall be valid unless agreed in advance in writing between the company and the client/participant.


The contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Poole Harbour and the surrounding areas are subject to local regulations and bylaws which if broken are liable to fines from the local authorities, government authorities and in some circumstances prosecution.

Sandbanks Jetski Company Ltd know these regulations and Bylaws and have integrated them into our activity structure, if participants follow the instructions of our qualified team they will not break any laws.

Sandbanks Jetski Company Ltd will not be responsible for any Punishment imposed on the participant from breaking any local regulations or bylaws.


Complaints concerning Sandbanks Jetski Company Ltd and the activities they offer should be referred to Sandbanks Jetski Company Ltd within seven days of the booking taking place. Sandbanks Jetski Company Ltd will adhere to its complaints procedures and do everything possible within reason to rectify the situation. The complainant will receive a written response from sandbanks Jetski Company Ltd.

Conditions of service:

Sandbanks Jetski Company Ltd reserve the right to continually review, change, modify and clarify our terms and conditions at any time for quality and safety purposes.